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10/14 7 Tips to Crack a Job In US Army
1. Find Your Motivation
For anyone looking to join the US army, the first task is to figure out exactly why you want to join up. The reasons are often personal. Some want to join because they want a challenge, others join because they wish to acquire a job skill, some to get some money so they can go to college, and others for the benefits that a job in the army comes with such as retirement and health. This is really the first step and any recruiter can help you find your motivation. Recruiters will help you with the enlistment process but they can only help you if they have a clue as to why you are Full Story
10/02 China Launches Test Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Capable Reaching The United States
China’s military has conducted the first flight test of a new variant of one of its road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles in a sign that Beijing is increasing its strategic strike capability against the United States. The test of a new DF-31B missile was conducted Sept. 25 from a missile test range in central China. A Pentagon spokeswoman declined to provide details of the test. “We continue to monitor China’s military modernization, including its missile tests,” Cynthia O. Smith, the spokeswoman, told the Washington Free Beacon. No details of the missile test could be learned, but the test was believed to have been carried out from China’s Wuzhai test facility. Nongovernment military analysts said the new missile likely is an increased-range or improved performance weapon, Full Story
09/16 Want To Become a Doctor in the US Army?
You probably want to enlist in the army so that you can give service to your country. In addition, you would like to become a doctor because you love the healing professions. Well, the good news is that you can do both. The US Army needs doctors and in order to attract them, it gives generous financial assistance.
As a doctor in the army, your fellow service members together with their families are your patients, and you are required to perform most of the duties that you would perform if you were a civilian doctor such as the diagnosis and treatment of patients. You may also be required to care for soldiers who are in combat and provide leadership. If Full Story
03/21 More Jobs Coming For Army Veterans
Great news for our honored Army veterans… a whopping 20% of employers said that they are now planning to actively recruit and hire more military veterans! Majority of these jobs will be in the general business sector along with sales and customer service jobs. Even better news, all this is great timing since the Department of Defense has recently announced continued downsizing plans for our military ranks. The Army alone will shrink from 550,000 active personnel to 430,000. Not to mention, rumors suggesting even additional cuts in the 350,000 range in 2015. In fact, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, “we cannot shrink the size of our military fast enough.”
So where are all of Full Story

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