Join the Oldest Law Firm in the Country, the Army JAG Corps

President George Washington established the Army JAG Corps on July 29th, 1775, and some of the most elite attorneys from all around the country have been serving there ever since. In its current state, there are more than 3400 active lawyers servicing the legal needs of hundreds of thousands of military personnel and their dependants on a daily basis.

The JAG Corps, Not Your Average Law Firm

The main objective of the lawyers that service the Judge Advocate General’s Corps is to provide legal services to active duty Army soldiers and their dependants. They provide all levels of legal services to Army personnel as well as defend the US Army in international legal matters. They practice trial law, prosecuting general court martials brought before the court and can also serve as defense lawyers. The US Army JAG Corps is comprised of both enlisted Army officers and civilian attorneys that collectively make up the largest law firm in the country. To qualify, you must have graduated from an accredited law program and be admitted to practice law by the highest court in a state. To find out if you have what it takes to come a Judge Advocate General’s attorney, click here.

Retire with Pride and Prestige

Lawyers with JAG experience have a distinct advantage over their civilian counterparts. Because JAG attorneys begin practicing law from day one and have experience in all venues of law, their experience and education is highly sought after by private law firms. No matter if you spend a couple of years or retire after twenty plus years, finding a job after you leave the military will be cinch. To find out how to start down the path of one of the most prestigious professions in the country, click here.

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