Federal Agencies Examine Army Boards

Medical Boards For US Army Wounded Soldiers Under Review

Nearly 400 representatives from different agencies including the Department of the Army, and Department of Veteran Affairs met to discuss different ways and methods to improve the care and treatment of wounded and ill soldiers.

Some of the different discussions have centered on renewing and revamping different Medical Board evaluations, that involves whether or not different soldiers who are ill and wounded receive benefits.

These medical boards decide whether or not they are fit to continue to serve in the Army, and whether or not they are able to receive medical disability benefits.

Brigadier General Gary Cheek is the assistant surgeon General for the Army, and in charge of Warrior Care and Tradition. Members of the MEB determine if a soldier is fit to serve in the Army, and if they are able to receive different types of disability compensation if wounded.

The military should be out of the business of such determinations, and it should be the duty of the Veterans administration to determine and decide if a soldier should receive benefits. There currently is a lot of duplication of effort, and the Veterans administration is much better suited to determine such issues than any branch of the service, including the US Army.

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