Army, College, and Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a college student who is interested in joining the Army? This is a big step in your life. Those who think you have to choose either the Army or college are mistaken – you can do both if you take the right steps.

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Below are several frequently asked questions among college students with an interest in the Army.

Is the Army ROTC program the same as joining the Army? Does a commitment to the ROTC mean you must join the Army in the future?

In short, enrolling in ROTC is not the same as joining the Army. You will not find yourself being sent to boot camp anytime in the near future. That being said, the main goal of the ROTC program is to develop Officers. For this reason, you must make an agreement to serve as an Officer in the Army after receiving your degree.

Note: if you only enroll in the ROTC Basic Course and do not receive a scholarship, you have no obligation to serve in the future.

Do I qualify for an ROTC Scholarship? How much can I receive?

Many students need help paying for college, and the ROTC program is a great place to start. Two, three, and four year scholarships are available for paying tuition and fees. Along with this, you will receive an allowance for books as well as an annual stipend of up to $5k.

As you can see, you get more than training to become an Officer. When you enroll in the ROTC program you can receive free money for college.

What will I learn through my ROTC courses? Will this get in the way of my primary field of study?

While not always the case, ROTC courses typically include one lab per semester along with one elective. Despite the fact that you will focus on both classroom studies and fieldwork, all of the courses will fit in with your regular schedule.

Are ROTC members able to enjoy a normal college life?

As a member of the ROTC program you can expect to experience the same college life as any other student. This holds true with everything from academics to weekend activities and much more. ROTC students participate in sports, join sororities and fraternities, and take part in many other extracurricular activities.

There are training programs you need to be aware of, though. For students in ROTC that did not take two years of military science classes, a four week course at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer months, is required. This is known as the Leader’s Training Course.

If you enter the Advanced Course you are required to attend the Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, Washington. This takes place during the summer before your senior year of college.

As an Army Officer what type of career can I expect?

Once you graduate from ROTC you will be commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. From there, you will receive specialized training in one particular branch. As you move forward and continue serving, you will receive top notch training, promotions, and the ability to serve in a variety of positions.

If you want to enjoy “normal college life” while preparing yourself for a career in the Army, consider the ROTC program.

The five questions and answers above should give you a better idea of how college and the Army can work together. If you still have questions, click here to request a free information packet.

4 Responses to "Army, College, and Frequently Asked Questions"

  1. Caitlin Homstad  June 29, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Let’s say you were granted an ROTC scholarship for Cornell University. Does that mean you are automatically accepted?

  2. Umar mohammed  November 1, 2015 at 2:16 am

    Sir, it is a pleasure to me write your this note my name is corporal umar mohammed from Nigeria army unit infantry sir i am be apply for this USA army but no respond sir, please help me to get this job thank u sir.

  3. Julius R. Espejo  June 10, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I am a college graduate with BS in physical therapy and pursuing to become an occupational therapist. I want to join the Army as a commissioned officer utilizing my degree. Can I be accepted?

  4. larryf  June 22, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Julius, I would call your local Army recruiter. Best, Larry

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