After The Army: Army Retirement Benefits

You have served your country with honor and it’s time for your Army Retirement. Worked hard to defend democracy and are looking forward to Army retirement with equal amounts of joy and trepidation. Life in the Army is over, so where do you go when your army career comes to an end?

There are many retirement benefits available to the Army Veteran upon leaving the service. The benefits available to each military member depend on your individual circumstances and length of service. Talk to the people on your base as you reach retirement age and they will give you the information you need to see what is available to you and how to apply for your military retirement benefits.

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What Army Retirement Benefits are Available?

When you retire from the Army, you receive more than just retirement pay. After 20 years of service you will receive military retirement pay, based on years of service and rank, for life.  Here is an example of some of the many other army retirement benefits you can expect as you make your exit from the military:

Help With the Army Retirement Transition to Civilian Life

The transition from military life to a civilian life can be filled with stress and uncertainty.  The military helps people adjust to civilian life:

TAP – Transitional Assistance Program: TAP Program includes counseling and information for the complete transfer into civilian life, from relocation to employment assistance. Also helps with education and insurance and financial advice.

RSO – Retirement Services Program: Through RSO’s (Retired Service Officers) soldiers and their families are given help with the transition to retirement. A worldwide network gives counseling on benefits available as well as Survivor Benefit Plans.

The transition to civilian life is often difficult, things will have changed back home and you have a lot to adjust to. Taking help and support from TAP and RSO can ease the transition and help you back into a successful career or home life.

Help into a New Civilian Career

Moving from a military career to a civilian career can be fraught with all sorts of difficulties. Your skills may have no civilian counterpart. How you tackle the move and the help and support you get can make the difference to struggling to find a job and getting a successful new career.

Nearly 88% of military careers have a civilian job counterpart.  Fill out this form to learn more about the army.

ACAP – The Army Career and Alumni Program

If you are looking to continue working you should start with ACAP. This program is designed to help Soldiers and eligible family with their transition into jobs. It provides counseling and employment assistance. Advice on what to look for and how you sell your skills can make a huge difference to your success.

PaYS – Partnership for Youth Success

Helps soldiers find their way into work with a network of partners. Can provide an interview and priority consideration with a PaYS company.

DTAP – Disabled Transition Assistance program

DTAP work alongside the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program and can provide assistance with your transition into civilian life and with employment. Help can be in rehabilitation, training, resume building or help in finding and keeping a job. They also provide counseling and independent living services for those Veterans no longer able to work due to injuries.

TTT – Troops to Teachers

TTT is a special organization to help those in the military who wish to take up a career as a teacher. They will help you hone your skills and point you towards appropriate training. Ex Military make great teachers and this organization will help you make the change.

Health Care Benefits

Healthcare is provided to Army Veterans by the VA (Veterans Administration.) Retired Army can use any VA hospital or clinic for treatment. If it is not possible to use a VA facility you can get healthcare through TriCare, at a nearby military installation or via a civilian provider.

Life Insurance

Retired Army Veterans may continue their military service life insurance for a nominal cost.

Military ID Card

Retired Veterans receive a military ID card giving them access to military bases. This includes access to privileges and deals at shops, and base postal services. They also have full access to amenities such as gym, golf course and library.

AFRH or Armed Forces Retirement Homes

For those eligible the AFRH is available located in Washington, D.C. and Gulfport Mississippi. This retirement community for enlisted military is available to those with 20 or more years of active service who are 60 year old, or soldiers unable to earn a livelihood due to service-connected disability.

Funeral Benefits

Full military funeral benefits are available to Retired Army Veterans.

There are many benefits available to retiring Army Veterans; be sure to check with your base and the US Army and the organizations listed. You have worked hard to support your country and help is available to ease the transition into military retirement or a new career.

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