Army Reserves Jobs and Benefits

As a member of the US Army Reserves you are a part time soldier, with great pay, benefits and training. You will spend two weeks a year and one weekend per month in service, but may be called to active duty in times of emergency.  The benefits of joining the Army Reservesinclude financial, education, healthcare and retirement benefits.

To join the ArmyReserves you need to be between 17 and 35 years old and a US citizen or permanent resident. You must be of good moral standing, in good health and physical condition. Some careers may require extra qualifications.

What Career Choices are Available?

The variety of jobs available in the Army Reserves covers 150 MOSs (Military Occupational Specialties).

Categories available are:

  • Administrative Support
  • Intelligence and Combat Support
  • Arts and Media
  • Legal and Law Enforcement
  • Combat
  • Mechanics
  • Computers and Technology
  • Medical and Emergency
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Transportation and Aviation.

Each of these categories has many Army career paths available, including:

Administrative Careers

There are many Administrative careers available to the Army Reservist these careers all transfer well into civilian life.

  • Financial Management Technicians are responsible for financial services within the Army. Duties will include budgeting, accounting and payments.
  • Financial Managers are in charge of purchasing of goods and services to keep the Army running.
  • Human Resources Specialists provide resources to keep Soldiers combat effective and ready for duty.
  • Human Resources Information System Management Specialists keep all the personnel information for the Army up to date and in order.

Legal and Law Enforcement

There are a number of career choices available for the Reservist interested in Law Enforcement and legal matters.

  • Military Police, these carry out a similar role to the civilian police on Army bases and enforce military laws.
  • Criminal Investigations Special Agents handle the investigation of Army related crime. They work on felony type crimes involving both personnel and property pertaining to Army matters.
  • Paralegal Specialist provides legal support in all areas of law for judges, Army commanders and lawyers.
  • Jags Corps Attorneys offer legal support on military operations.
  • Military Internment Specialist’s are responsible for the running of correctional facilities.
  • Army Firefighters protect the lives and property under the control of the Army.

Pay and Benefits

The Army reserves pay you a regular pay check and also bonuses and other benefits. Pay is for two weeks a year and one weekend a month and ranges from $3,081 for a private in their first two years of service to $11,735 for a Major with 6 years of service.

There are many bonuses available. These range from enlistment bonuses, up to $20,000, for those who have certain skills, to bonuses for special Reserve training. Other bonuses available are for Chaplains or Translators, check with your recruiting office to see what you qualify for.

You will also receive a cost of living allowance for meals, uniforms and housing while on active duty.

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Apart from your Reserve training you can get help with your college education. Under the Reserve MGIB (Montgomery GI Bill) as an Army Reserve you may receive up to $12,420 to pay for a college education, depending on your enlistment time. An extra $695 a month may be available depending on your career and rank.

The ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Scholarship is known as the greatest leadership training course in America. Whilst the Army pays for your college course you also learn leadership and management skills.

The Army’s College Loan Repayment Program makes it easier to pay off any student loans you may have. You need to enlist into the Reserves for six years to be eligible for this benefit.

Other education benefits are available, check with your local recruiter for more details.

Training Certificates

You’ll have the chance to gain professional and trade qualifications. These certificates are recognized throughout the US and can help you with your civilian career.


As a Soldier in the Army Reserve you can get low cost health and life insurance. If you are on Active Duty for more that 30 days you will receive medical and dental care for free.

The Army Reserves will also help you with a civilian job placement, through a partnership with certain companies. If you complete 20 years or more of service you will be entitled to Army Reserve Retirement Pay, the details are dependent on the number of years served.

The Army Reserves offers you training and financial benefits as well as help with your civilian career.

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