Want To Become a Doctor in the US Army?

You probably want to enlist in the army so that you can give service to your country. In addition, you would like to become a doctor because you love the healing professions. Well, the good news is that you can do both. The US Army needs doctors and in order to attract them, it gives generous financial assistance.
As a doctor in the army, your fellow service members together with their families are your patients, and you are required to perform most of the duties that you would perform if you were a civilian doctor such as the diagnosis and treatment of patients. You may also be required to care for soldiers who are in combat and provide leadership. If you are wondering how you can become this kind of doctor, you can do so by following a few simple steps.

1. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree
You need a bachelor’s degree in order to enter medical school. Undergraduate premedical students do not only take classes in humanities and other disciplines but they also take science classes like chemistry and biology. If you want to study medicine, you should contact medical centers and other similar environments so that you can get relevant volunteer opportunities. If you want to make your candidacy stronger, you may also consider pursuing more work experience or an additional degree before you apply to a program for a Doctor of Medicine.

2. Securing a Medical Degree

Civilians who enter the army as medical officers need a degree from a medical school that is approved. Although students can attend an army medical school, they do not need a degree from a school that is affiliated with the army in order to enlist in the army. You may qualify for financial aid from the army to support yourself during medical school as long as you agree to join the army as a commissioned officer once you graduate.

3. Meeting the army requirements

Different branches of the US army have varying admission prerequisites. However, you must meet the age, character, and health requirements. The army might also require you to have security clearance. If you are a doctor, you may need to be a holder of a current medical license from your state and currently practice in the US.

4. Joining the army

A doctor in the army treats and diagnoses ailments just like any civilian doctor. He/she can apply his/her previous experience and get new training in treatments that pertain to aerospace medicine, tropical environments, and diving. The army also employs doctors who have specialized in common types of medicine like neurology, family care, and pediatrics.

5. Advancing within the army

Just like all army officers, you can advance in rank within the army and get commensurate pay raises. Performance evaluations and the time served largely determine the promotions within the army.

If you want to become a doctor in the US Army, you should know that you will provide similar care that you would provide in a civilian setting where patients need to have a Ehic card in order to seek medical attention from you However, you will get additional training specific to the US Army so that you can serve your country effectively.

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  1. kwaku asante eric  December 11, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    can someone who is not an american join the u.s army?

  2. John Clarke  March 10, 2015 at 6:18 am

    I know not how to get my degree going in the usarmy, i have an 8yr degree but am having my benefits in the usarmy looked over and over and I wouldn’t know who to tell and what to do.2816/mo and not paid you won’t get me trying to do another thing with the usarmy.

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