Is A Military Career Right For You?

When deciding to join the military, you are agreeing to carry out some of the most dangerous military jobs imaginable. You will be highly trained to combat enemy forces attempts made to destroy and harm the United States and its allies.

It’s a bold choice. It’s a sacrificial one. It is a choice that can potentially affect every person around you. Having recognized that, it is also a choice that will bring you reward, strength, honor. It’s a choice that will surround you with the comradery,the purpose, and the passion that you have been craving.

Choosing a military career is not an easy road to take, but it is one that will guarantee your purpose and service in maintaining and promoting the freedoms and values of our nation.

As you are on the edge of making this significant decision, there are several things you should consider before adding your John Hancock to your service contract.

Your Job Duties Are Some of the Most Dangerous in the World!

When deciding to join the military, you are agreeing to carry out some of the most dangerous military jobs imaginable. You will be highly trained to combat attempts made to destroy and harm the United States and its allies. This danger is especially true when choosing a particular branch or job area. For example, opting to serve in one of the few special operations troops entails direct mission action against the nation’s most dangerous adversaries. Similarly, the infantry marines of the U.S. Military are responsible for dangerous tasks as they are the first group called to destroy the enemy and protect territory.

There are also a couple of military jobs that are dangerous due to their consideration as high-interest in target attempts made by enemies. These include aviation, those who provide assistance on the ground, and artillery, those who are responsible for utilizing heavy equipment to strike against the enemy. Furthermore, individuals working in explosive ordinance disposal and vehicle transportation can easily fall victim to the dangers of IEDs and other explosive devices. Nonetheless, each service member of the U.S. Military must be prepared for the potential threats that exist – both domestic and foreign – and the sacrifices they may be called to make.

The Variety is Out There!

Despite the high levels of danger, the benefits of joining any branch of the military do exist. These perks only begin with the wide variety of jobs you can choose from in each respective branch. The military branches include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard. In the U.S. Military, the Army’s primary responsibility consists of land operations. The jobs within this branch range, but each will be focused on combatting U.S. enemies on the ground.

As the Army focuses on land security, the Air Force is responsible for the protection of U.S. airspace. The U.S. Navy, on the other hand, focuses on patrolling the seas to promote international security. By assigning Navy fleets to different parts of the world, service members can respond quickly as well as employ peace-keeping endeavors with varying international countries and their peoples. Individuals of any of these branches, though focused on land, air, and sea, respectively, will be highly trained in the use of weapons and defense methods needed for the protection and security of the United States.

A branch of the military different from each of the aforementioned is the Marine Corps. As one of the most selective branches, after undergoing rigorous training, these service members are primarily responsible for directly combatting the opponents of the U.S. Working closely with other branches, the Marine Corps is trained to respond quickly and effectively to any and all threats around the world.

The Coast Guard is a branch that, comparatively, carries out very specific duties. Service members of the U.S. Coast Guard are responsible for providing security to the U.S. in regards to crimes that are typically committed at sea. Targeting drug-trafficking, illegal immigration, and similar security issues, they are the individuals primarily responsible for protecting the coastline borders of the United States. The National Guard, like the Coast Guard, provide domestic protection. However, unlike the aforementioned that protect the coasts of the U.S., the National Guard can potentially deploy to other parts of the world. These service members are skilled in operating gun-style equipment as well as heavy-duty equipment, and are primarily purposed in the response to domestic security concerns that may include riots and natural disasters.

You Can Enjoy More Benefits!

In addition to the variety you can find when joining the military, other benefits exist that combat the existing danger for service members. Unlike many jobs in the United States, military service members are provided with free health care and life insurance. What’s more, these benefits can be extended to the families of each member. Additionally, once you have completed military service, you are entitled to a series of VA benefits that include loan support and disability compensation.

If you decide to serve for an extended amount of time and to pursue a full career with the United States Military, you are also provided with retirement plan options. What’s more, service members are guaranteed 30 days of paid vacation per year as well as potential for promotion and pay increases. Another perk is in regards to educational expenses. If a military member opts to pursue an upper-level college education, either during or after their service time, several options exist to alleviate the financial burden of educational advancement.

It Is Easy To Understand That Joining The Military Is Not For Everyone.

Though the associated danger may be difficult for many to overlook, it is important to recognize the invaluable service and sacrifice that military members provide in the protection and progress of the United States.

The contribution each individual makes when joining the military is not something that can be measured or even truly understood. It is a contribution that allows for the continuation of the nation’s freedom and honor. It is a level of loyalty and commitment that cannot be compared to anything else, and that will never go unnoticed or un-thanked.

7 Responses to "Is A Military Career Right For You?"

  1. Mohamed  February 8, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    I’m 39 years old not US citizen but i have legal permanent residency
    Do i have any chance to join to the US army in this age without being a citizen?
    Thank you

  2. larryf  February 9, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Don’t take anyone’s advice… the only answer that truly matters is that of your recruiter. Call him/her with whatever branch you’re interested. They also are aware of the waivers, if any. Best, Larry

  3. Olayinka  June 6, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Well, I am a Nigerian, is it possible for me to join the U.S army?

  4. jannie van der walt  June 19, 2016 at 9:05 am

    I am a wite 19 year old man. Who wants to get in die USA army but I only have grade 10 in school is it posible an where do I go

  5. adelaja  July 1, 2016 at 8:23 am

    i am a Nigerian, my ambition to be a military officer which av been trying to get enrolled for but simply because i am not us citizen.

  6. Navele Jerome  December 20, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Jerome Navele is my name i am 16 years and am from Ghana i want to join the military please what do i do?

  7. Steven Kinsey  March 16, 2018 at 6:17 am

    I’m 15 years old. My dad was in the military, he was the one who inspired me to join. I’m from the United States of America and i would be proud to serve for my country!!

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