6 Important Steps for Military Members to Take Online College

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God news for military members is that they can study online and get their degree even before they are demobbed. Online education has been a more flexible option for military members but many are reluctant to start with it.

According to retired Army Lt. Col. Yvone Doll, “Online provides more flexibility for someone on active duty as well as those with full-time jobs.”

“You are not required to be in the classroom at a specific time, so you get to read and study at convenient times that work for your schedule.”

However, it must be noted that online education definitely has its own pitfalls. For instance, service members can pick the wrong college or choose the wrong classes to attend. In addition, the lack of counseling may cause them to keep unrealistic expectations.

So, how do you keep online education in your favor? Well, here are a few steps you can follow to make sure you are doing it right:

Step # 1: Understand What You Want and How to Go About It

First and the foremost, you need to understand what you want in life, what you love and what are your interests. For instance, cybersecurity could be your field of interest or maybe you want to get into something more artistic. You can even consider online career counselors to discuss your career path.

Step # 2: Start Hunting for a Degree Path

Secondly, you need to find a suitable degree based on your interest that would help you accelerate your career path. Mostly, general studies are considered a nice way to start a degree but do remember that something specific will enhance your skills and boost your way up.

Step # 3: Find the Appropriate College

For military members, the G.I. Bill will only pay for accredited colleges and schools, which means you need to carefully check if the institution of your choice is enlisted or not. Also find out how the courses are being taught and how credits are being awarded. Another important thing to look for is the process of credit transfer.

Step # 4: Go a Bit Deeper

Now, it is about time to start checking if you have the right tools to study online. This could include things like having a headset, webcam, enough bandwidth for streaming and the like.

Step # 5: Get to Know the People

Once you have enrolled, you need to start acclimatizing yourself with online education. Unlike regular students, you wouldn’t have the time to spend hours daily on courses. Therefore, make sure you are getting in touch with the professors to get rid of any hurdles you may face.

Step # 6: Find Your Comfort Zone

Once you are ready to roll, start taking online education seriously unlike most students. Make sure you are giving enough time to your lectures. You can make it big by earning a degree online so don’t take it lightly.


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  1. Dwumah Patrick  November 18, 2017 at 7:27 am

    I want to join the US army.

  2. larryf  November 19, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Call your local military recruiter or your local Army recruiter.. Best to you, Larry

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