Latest Poll Finds Military Favors Trump 55% To Hillary’s 36%!

It should be no shock that Trump now leads Clinton by a significant margin with both active and veteran military personnel. With the current administration enforcing dramatic historical cuts in the military's budget, Hillary Clinton is suggesting the same if she is elected.

Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton 55 percent to her 36 percent – among likely voters who now serve or who have served in the United States military based on the latest NBC Weekly Election Tracking Poll.

This online poll was conducted from August 29 through September 4.

Despite many controversial statements relating to war veteran Sen. McCain and Trump’s criticism of the Khan family, Trump has spent some time working hard to secure the support of veterans.

In fact, 88 retired generals and admirals signed a letter backing Trump to reverse the “hollowing away” of the U.S. Military that has been rampant during the last eight years.

Many of our armed service members may not be confident in either Clinton or Trump’s abilities to become America’s commander in chief, however the majority of 53% are more confident in Trump.

Read more about the NBC Election Poll here.

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