Increasing Demand For Army Linguists Means Money

Do you have the “gift of gab”? Are your friends and family members amazed at your natural ability to pick up and use languages other than English? If so, you may be exactly what the U.S. Army is looking for. The demand for linguists continues to increase as our global economy takes American interests into every corner of the globe.

Linguists are included in every aspect of foreign military exchanges. Intelligence, negotiations, special operations and much, much more can be your forte as an Army linguist, even if you have no previous training. In fact, the U.S. Army will pay for your training. At the same time, you will earn a salary and earn benefits for you and your family as you develop your linguistic skills.

Language Training And Cultural Awareness

Simply learning another nation’s language does not ensure clear communication. Cultural factors, traditions and current economic conditions all must be factored into the translation process. International business efforts have learned the hard way what can happen without clear communication. Imagine a billboard campaign for laundry soap that shows the sequence of events from dirty laundry, to washing clothes with the featured product, resulting in neatly folded, clean clothes, only to realize too late that the host nation reads from right to left. Miscommunication can be disastrous!

The U.S. Army provides their linguists-in-training with excellent language and cultural awareness skills at no charge to you. As you attend your training, you and your family will receive a salary, housing, utilities, full benefits and a retirement plan, all while developing your highly marketable career.

The Military Family Is There For You

Regardless of where you and your family are stationed, the U.S. Army always takes care of their own. Housing, shopping, medical facilities and a strong, traditional community are there to support you as you improve your skills and your marketability. Your family will benefit from excellent on-post schools and a strong network of military families who are always ready to lend a hand wherever needed.

Community involvement is rich and rewarding and base housing provides a safe environment for your children to play, visit friends and ride their bike. The military is a family that extends around the globe. Other military families understand the difficulties and the rewards of military life better than civilians and they work together to create a positive home environment for you and your family as you build your career as a linguist.

The World Is Your Oyster

There is no nation existing in isolation in this day and age. Language barriers must be eliminated to allow for military and trade negotiations and to prevent conflict. As an Army linguist, you may be involved with face-to-face negotiations, document translations, intelligence reports and special operations. Your contributions are valuable and appreciated as you grease the wheels of communication between nations, allowing everyone to live a safer and better quality of life.

Free training, a salary, housing, benefits, a retirement fund and a worldwide family of friends and co-workers await your linguistic talents! If a career as a linguist appeals to you, find out more about what the Army has to offer by clicking HERE.

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