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Using the life like video game technology that is so prevalent in today’s multiplayer games, America’s Army is an outstanding online gaming offer. America’s Army is a new breed of team based tactical military simulation games, and is one of the five most popular currently being played online.

Released in 2002, America’s Army: Operations was the debut version, which was highly publicized and quickly attracted a large playerbase. The second version of the game, AA: Special Forces, was released several years later. It introduced the Special Forces class of soldier, while players who successfully completed Special Forces training were able to play as a Special Forces soldier armed with all new highly specialized weaponry. The current version, America’s Army 3, completely redesigned the game to introduce a myriad of new features.

Providing players with the most authentic military experience anywhere, America’s Army allows players to explore the development of soldiers in individual and collective training, all the way to their deployment as participants in simulated missions in the War on Terror.

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