Armed Forces Overview

U.S. Military Armed


A Look At
the United States Military

The U.S. Military armed forces in the United States are split into five separate services. The US Army is by far the largest branch of the military and handles ground combat operations. Secondly, the Navy handles seaborne missions. Next the Air Force has responsibility for most aerial operations. The US Marines deploy combined forces where needed. And last but not least the Coast Guard is the smallest in size, but are instrumental in our homeland defense.

The commander in chief of the U.S. Military armed forces is the President of the United States. The Department of Defense oversees training and equipment distribution and provisions for the branches of the military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff offer guidance and advice to the President, as well as planning and coordination of missions and operations for the military.

The US Military’s presence
has existed in endless
locales around the world
since WWII. Several
deployments were terminated
with the end of the
Cold War, with Guantanamo
Bay being one of the
oldest longest lasting
deployments dating back
to the Spanish American
War in 1898.

There are about 1.4 million active duty personnel in the U.S. Military armed forces, and plans are to increase that number by another 90,000. There are another million in the reserve components.

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