Cannon Crewmember

Cannon Crewmember Careers

– Cannon Crewmember

Enlisted Officer Active

to Women
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Cannon crewmember careers involve
supervising or serving as a member of
field artillery cannon section or ammunition

(1) Skill Level 1. Integral member
of a crew that operates high technology
cannon artillery weapon systems. Loads
and fires howitzers. Sets fuse and charge
on a variety of munitions, including
high explosive artillery rounds, laser
guided projectiles, scatterable mines,
and rocket assisted projectiles. Uses
computer generated fire direction data
to set elevation of cannon tube for
loading and firing. Employs rifles,
machine guns, and grenade and rocket
launchers in offensive and defensive
operations. Drives and operates heavy
and light wheeled trucks and tracked
vehicles. Transports and manages artillery
ammunition. Participates in reconnaissance
operations to include security operations
and position preparation. Operates in
reduced visibility environments with
infrared and starlight enhanc ing night
vision devices and other equipment.
Coordinates move ment into position.
Camouflages position area. Communicates
using voice and digital wire and radio
equipment. Uses critical combat survival
skills to operate in a hostile environment.
Maintains opera tional readiness of
vehicles and equipment.

(2) Skill Level 2. Supervises handling,
transportation, accountability, and
distribution of ammunition. Assists
section chief in supervision of howitzer
operations, maintenance, and training.
Lays weapon for direction, conducts
bore sighting and basic periodic tests.
Supervises the operation, loading, and
maintenance of the Field Artillery Ammunition
Support Vehicle.

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(3) Skill Level 3. Directs and supervises
movement emplace ment of the howitzer
section. Supervises and directs the
construc tion, camouflage, and defense
of the section position. Trains, instructs,
and supervises section personnel in
cannon gunnery procedures and firing.
Responsible for the verification of
safe firing data. Supervises the handling,
storage, accountability, and distribution
of ammunition. Supervises the performance
of operator, crew, and or ganizational
maintenance on section vehicles.

(4) Skill Level 4. Assists platoon
leader in the planning, preparation,
and execution of collective training
activities of the platoon. Conducts
battery/platoon reconnaissance, selection,
occupation, and defense of position
areas. Supervises firing battery personnel
engaged in firing battery operations,
maintenance, and training. Lays the
unit for direction of fire and verifies
safe operations before and during firing.
Supervises battalion ammunition trains
operations. Reviews, consolidates, and
prepares technical, personnel, and administrative
reports covering firing battery element

Physical demand rating and qualifications
for the initial award of MOS. Cannon
must possess the following

(1) A physical demands rating, of very

(2) A physical profile, of 222221.

(3) Color discrimination of red/green.

(4) A minimum score, of 95 in aptitude
area FA.

(5) Formal training under the auspices
of USAFAS is mandatory to qualify for
the award of the MOS.

NOTE: This job is closed to women.

Additional skill identifiers

(1) P5–Master Fitness Trainer.

(2) U6–Field Artillery Weapons Maintenance.

(3) 2S–Battle Staff Operations (skill
level 3 and above).

(4) 4A–Reclassification Training.