Field Artillery Surveyor

Field Artillery

– Field Artillery Surveyor

Enlisted Officer Active

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Major duties. The field artillery surveyor careers involve leading, supervising, or serving as a member
in field artillery survey operations.

(1) Skill Level 1. Records field data,
prepares schematic sketches and marks
survey station. Perform astronomic observation,
measure azimuths, angles and determines
deviations for target, connection, and
position area surveys with angular measuring
equipment. Assist PADS operator with
the transfer, strap down and preparation
for operations of PADS. Computes data
using logarithms or calculator to obtain
the unknown required field data to include
computing for accuracy ratios and adjustment.
Operates and performs preventive maintenance
checks and services on vehicles, radios,
weapons, and all survey equipment.

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(2) Skill Level 2. Supervises and coordinates
PADS vehicle operations. Computes survey
data, plots geographic/Universal Trans
Meridian grid coordinates and performs
azimuth transfer with PADS. Operates
PADS system, performs calibrations,
zero velocity updates, and preventive
maintenance checks and services on PADS
system. Assists collection, evaluation,
and dissemination of survey information.
Provides leadership and technical guidance
to lower grade personnel.

Physical demands rating and qualifications
for the initial award of MOS. FA firefinder
radar operators must possess the following

(1) A physical demands rating of (unavailable
at this time).

(2) A physical profile of (unavailable
at this time).

(3) Normal color vision.

(4) A minimum score of (unavailable
at this time).

(5) Security Clearance of SECRET.

(6) A U.S. citizen.