Army Basic Training

Army Basic Combat Training

Basic Combat Training, or BCT, for the US Army lasts nine weeks and includes demanding physical and mental instruction. Obedience and concentration, along with the determination to do your best, will help you successfully graduate from BCT as a United States soldier. You will come out of basic training a real soldier full of confidence and enthusiasm for your career.

Army basic combat training focuses on a variety of common skills that every soldier needs to obtain to make an effective member of the armed forces. Some of the skills covered in basic training include rifle marksmanship, hand grenade qualification and other types of firearms and weapons training, intense physical training, as well as a multitude of occupational skills such as first aid, military intelligence, communications, transportation operations, supply management and much more.

Not only will your mind and body get a work out, but the value system that the Army instills in all new recruits will sustain you during times of war and peace. You will learn Army ethics, standards of conduct, human awareness and diplomacy, race relations and more. You will learn the seven Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

Army basic combat training consists of 3 main phases:

Red Phase (weeks 1-3): This phase focuses on strengthening new recruits mentally and physically as well as instilling in them the Army Values.

White Phase (weeks 4-6): Soldiers continue to improve their basic skills but also begin working on combat skills such as Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) and combat tactics.

Blue Phase (weeks 7-9): As soldiers approach their graduation from BCT, they continue to advance their combat skills through a variety of combat exercises. They learn how to work as a unit to complete objectives in any environment.

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