Army Careers

US Army Careers

Since the US Army is one of the largest fighting forces in the entire world, it only follows that they offer a huge myriad of different career and job opportunities. The sheer number of different US Army careers is staggering, and there is something for everyone.

Everyone knows about the soldiers that fight on the front lines – but those soldiers are only the tip of the sword. There are thousands of other soldiers working as a team to accomplish their missions. One job compliments the next, and the success of the entire unit depends on the accurate achievement of each individual’s job.

US Army careers range from using sophisticated computers, operating tanks and humvees, or performing the maintenance that keeps those tanks and humvees running. There are also the military police officers that provide security for our bases around the world, truck drivers working with supply teams, managers at the PX, or construction engineers. The list goes on and on. And that is not including all the Army jobs that combat troops in the field fulfill!

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