Army Jobs

US Army Jobs

There are a huge variety of US Army jobs that you are able to train for. Many of the jobs that are learned while in the Army are jobs that can also be performed in civilian life as well. So not only do you get paid while enlisted in the Army, you learn a job skill that you will carry away from the service with you.

No matter what career path you choose in the Army, the training you receive is provided by top notch instructors using the most advanced technology and teaching methods available today. Basic training is only the first step, and then you proceed onward to learn the US Army job you have enlisted to perform.

The US Army provides jobs for full timers as well as part timers. Full timers are regular Active Duty soldiers, and part timers are enlisted with the Army Reserves or the National Guard.

US Army jobs offer competitive pay rates as well as much sought after benefits. Not only will you receive up to 30 days of vacation per year with bonus potential, you will also enjoy high quality medical benefits for yourself and your family, housing opportunities on bases in some of the most extraordinary locations in the world, educational programs, and much more.

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