Army Perscom


One little known section of the United States Army is the Army PERSCOM, also known as US Total Army Personnel. They play a critical role in the United States military scene by following the careers and lives of all Army active duty, reservists, guardsmen, their families, and veterans.

Army PERSCOM’s primary goal is helping personnel transition from one part of the force to another in matters of promotion, entitlement and benefits. This entity came into existence in an effort to consolidate different personnel commands into one organization. In addition to more efficient headquarters and a more flexible and responsive staff, this consolidation has resulted in an overall reduction of red tape.

Among the many difficulties being dealt with by the Army PERSCOM, one of the most challenging is to attend to all the civilian employees of the United States Military all over the world. In addition to this undertaking, they have recently brought together the Army Spouse Employment Partnership program. The topic of this program is to broaden employment opportunities for Army spouses while providing skilled workers.

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