Army Rangers

US Army Rangers

US Army Rangers are known around the world as one of the most specially trained units of the US Army. Officially they are known as the 75th Ranger Regiment, Army Rangers, or Airborne Rangers.

The Rangers is a unique force in the United States Army Special Operations Command and is a highly specialized light infantry body. The Ranger regiment is highly extensible and easily deployed throughout the world within 18 hours. Its headquarters is located in Fort Benning, Georgia.

US Army Rangers combine incomparable training for its soldiers along with extraordinary skills to conquer the challenges they encounter during the execution of their missions. Becoming an Army Ranger is by appointment only and demands only the toughest individuals who can lead while withstanding great mental, physical and emotional stress. The Rangers have a long and proud tradition of preserving the national security under extreme conditions with dedication, honor, courage, blood and great personal sacrifice.

The Rangers excel in Airborne, light infantry and direct action operations. The Army Rangers offer support to the general force of the US Army while conducting various types of raids, personnel recovery, equipment recovery, and airfield and other facility seizures.

US Army Ranger prospects begin their training with nine weeks in Basic Combat Training (BCT). After completing BCT the Army Ranger prospect participates in Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and subsequently acquires a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Once these requirements have been met, the soldier goes through Airborne training and finally takes part in the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP).

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