Army Ranks

Army Ranks

Army ranks follow a system of grading its soldiers in categories of seniority and command. Ranks are segregated into Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Enlisted.

Commissioned Officers include Flag Officers (Generals who command brigades and larger), Field Grade Officers (commanding battalions and regiments), Company Grade or Junior Officers (Captains and lower rank Officers leading smaller units) and Warrant Officers (possessing technical or other specialized skills who do not serve in a leadership or command capacity.

Army ranks for Non-Commissioned Officers consist of enlisted personnel performing administrative duties. This rank is positioned below Junior Commissioned Officers, in spite of the fact that the required responsibilities are generally more complex and in depth than those of the Junior Commissioned Officers. Included here are Sergeants and Corporals. Often the personnel in these ranks handle planning, training, logistics, supply, pay and many other duties of this nature.

Commissioned Officers are actively recruited from the following locations: US Military Academies, Officer Candidate School, and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

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