US Army Recruiters

Army Recruiters

US Army RecruitingWhen you are considering a career in the United States Army, your first step toward making that dream a reality is finding a US Army Recruiter and scheduling an appointment. Army recruiters will work with you to find exactly the right position for within the US Army and will work with you through the enlistment process.

You can find a US Army Recruiter through the US Army website. You will need to select which area of interest best describes your interest and then you will be connected with an Army recruiter that is closest to your location. It is necessary to schedule an appointment to meet with your recruiter prior to visiting the office. There are also some things you can do in advance of your recruiter meeting to help you be prepared.

How to Prepare for a Recruiter Meeting

When you schedule your appointment with an army recruiter, you should prepare a little in advance so you get the most out of your initial meeting. Your recruiter will want to know about you so be prepared to answer some personal questions such as your educational background, your family status, and any criminal history records you may have. It is highly important you are upfront and honest with your recruiter. If you provide false information, your processing could be delayed and you can even be penalized by law.

Prepare yourself to ask your recruiter questions you need answers to before pursuing a career in the Army. Many recruiters will be happy to share their personal stories and information about their chosen career in the Army. By pre-writing questions, you are less likely to forget to pose your questions and will have a much better understanding of the recruitment process and Army life.

Army recruiters often work tirelessly to help people interested in the United States Army and are full of knowledge and resources that can help you decide if the Army offers what you are looking for in your personal life and your career. They are there to help you discover which Army jobs and training would be a good fit if you are eligible for service.

Getting To Know Your Recruiter

The majority of Army recruiters today have served time in active duty, especially during tours of Afghanistan and Iraq. They have first-hand knowledge of what the Army life really offers and can help you negotiate specific career paths. It would be helpful to bring a parent, relative, or friend who can also learn what is being offered as the information provided by the recruiter can become overwhelming. Bring a notebook and pen to write down the important points you wish to remember and ask for materials to review after the appointment.

The recruiter is available to assist you in the initial enlistment decision and to help you understand the process of enlistment. It is important that you provide your recruiter with honest information about your decision to join the US Army. They need to understand how you feel and what you are thinking about the future in order for them to be helpful. If you are unsure about your intentions, let them know. Do not feel intimidated or obligated to provide information that is less than accurate. Make sure that when you schedule your initial appointment with the recruiter you commit to the date and show up on time.

If you do not feel you are getting the most out of the meeting with the recruiter but are still considering a future in the US Army, you may need to research a different location and speak with someone else. A good recruiter will recognize your fears and is willing to work through them by providing the right information. They should be willing to provide you with answers to your questions and not rushing through the details just to get you to sign up.

Interested in Becoming an Army Recruiter?

If you are interested in becoming a US Army Recruiter, know that your hard work can be extremely rewarding. You are the first point of entry for the future soldiers of the United States. In many cases, it is the recruiter that was the defining force in a person’s decision to enlist in the United States Army.

Being a recruiter is not just about the sign up process. It involves being a good communicator and motivator. You will be providing the most important information to the public that highlights what the Army is all about and be the motivator for potential new recruits looking for a stable future. You get to work with those considering enlistment to gauge where they fit in army life. It can be a gratifying career path to take, encouraging others to achieve their dreams.

To become a recruiter, you will need to meet several important requirements including the completion of a high school education, being a legal US citizen, have a clean criminal record, and have some level of previous military background. US Army Recruiters are trained in many areas including intelligence, operations, and communications in order to make you an effective recruiter.