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ROTC stands for the Reserve Officer Training Corps and is part of the United Stats Army. This program is found in colleges and high schools across the nation. Its primary function is to prepare and educate young men and women who will eventually become commissioned officers in the US Army.

Classes for ROTC students are offered in hundreds of institutions of higher learning all over the United States. Course topics range all the way from nursing & medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, chemistry & engineering, public relations, finance, law, intelligence, transportation, communications, technology and many more. The program stresses leadership, problem solving skills, planning strategies and professional ethics that will prepare the student for the hurdles of the real world. Enrollment in the ROTC program is not a commitment to later serve in the United States Army unless he or she chooses, once certain requirements are met.

The single largest origin of scholarship funds in the United States, the ROTC offers tuition and fees up to $68,000 plus living expenses and book allowances to thousands of needy students across the country.

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