Army Uniforms

Army Uniforms

The US Army instituted new uniform codes as recently as 2005 that gave the uniforms new looks as well as new technologies.

The “new” Army uniforms, called ACUs, change the more stiff look of the older US Army uniforms. Today’s tan suede desert boots replace the polished spit shined black boots of days past. The new Army uniforms also sport a US Flag emblem that is an infrared feedback element. Also on the new uniforms is a new digital camouflage pattern similar to the Marine Corps “MARPAT” scheme. It is meant to be universal and for use in urban, desert or forest environments.

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All United States Army soldiers are required to wear clean trousers, pants or skirts with the proper fittings. Sleeves of shirts and jackets should be roll pressed with no creases, and creases are not to be sewed into uniforms. Medals, ribbons and other “attachments” should be shining and sparkling clean. Pockets should never be overstuffed and the soldier’s overall appearance should be neat and clean at all times.

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