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Careers in the United States Army


If there were ever a great way to find a job, joining the US Army is one of them. The number of careers and jobs that are available to individuals serving in the Army is virtually unlimited. You will find everything from working with the latest in computers and computer technology to jobs in the medical field to repairing tanks or trucks. These careers will provide the experience and the skills you need to excel in your civilian life. As a member of the United States Army you will also have access to money for college and preferred status when interviewing with some of the country’s biggest corporations.

Categories of the Army’s career and job opportunities are summarized below:

Army Jobs &
Administrative Support

These jobs in the Army
provide administrative
support to a huge array
of other job fields
which include combat
documentatin specialists,
administrative specialists,
human resource specialists,
finance officers, chaplains
and more.

Army Jobs &
Arts & Media

These US Army jobs and careers handle communications and administration of Army events that are held for both military and civilian audiences. Such jobs would include public affairs specialists, multimedia illustrator, broadcast specialists, band officer and others.

Army Jobs &

Just as the name implies,
these Army jobs and
careers encompass many
of the jobs that are
performed in the field
and under combat conditions.
Such jobs would include
cavalry scouts, cannon
crewmembers, fire support
specialists, armor officers,
air and missle defense
crewmembers and many
others. Note: This particular
job category is currently
not available to females.

Army Jobs &
Computers & Technology

Computer & technology
aficionados will find
Army jobs right up their
alley. Many of these
career fields include,
but are not limited
to imagery analysts,
intelligence analysts,
network switching systems
operator, radio operator,
cryptologic linguists
and lots more.

Army Jobs &
Construction & Engineering

Just as in civilian
life, construction and
engineering is a huge
part of the Army’s functions
thereby creating many
jobs in this field.
Army jobs in construction
& engineering include
bridge crewmembers,
plumbers, interior electricians,
topographic surveyors,
machinists, metal workers,
water treatment specialists,
carpentry & masonry
specialists, heavy construction
equipment operators
and many many others.

Army Jobs &
Intelligence & Combat

These Army jobs and
provide support
to other Army personnel
involved directly in
combat and other field
duties. These jobs include
ammunition specialists,
special forces medical
sergeant, military police
officers, watercraft
operators, chemical
officers, divers, armament
repairers and more.

Army Jobs &
Legal & Law Enforcement

US Army service members
choose to go into legal
professions or law enforcement
jobs such as criminal
investigations special
agent, military police
officers, firefighters,
paralegal specialists,
attorneys and more.

Army Jobs &

This Army job &
area involves
maintenance and repair
of the Army’s many vehicles
and other types of machinery.
These jobs include helicopter
repairer, small arms
& artillery repairer,
track vehicle repairer,
machinists, railway
equipment repairer,
watercraft engineers,
patriot system repairer,
utilities equipment
repairer and many others.

Army Jobs &
Medical & Emergency

Army jobs in this area
include a wide range
of responsibilities
across all medical,
dental and veterinary
fields. These jobs include
radiology specialists,
firefighters, mental
health specialists,
mortuary affairs specialists,
dental corps officers,
veterinary corps officers,
pharmacy specialists,
animal care specialists,
nutrition care specialists,
operating room specialists,
and more.

Army Jobs &
Transportation &

Army careers in these fields revolve around the organization and oversight of transportation and the usage of Army commodities wherever needed. These jobs include aircraft electricians, parachute riggers, aviation officers, railway operations crewmembers, aircraft powerplant repairers, and many others.

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