What Do You Want From The Army

Do You Want From The Army


What Do You
Want Out Of The Army?

There are as many reasons
to join the army as
there are recruits,
but there are some common
themes. Some join for
a taste of adventure
before a relatively
normal life. Some join
to get technical training
for a planned career
of some sort. Some plan
a career in the Army

It is certainly possible
to change your mind
after you join, as to
what you desire out
of the experience. We
can merely plan as best
we are able. Once you
know what you want out
of the experience, you
can attempt to make
that happen.

If you are seeking
a specific technical
skill, determining which
MOS, or Military Occupational
Specialty, provides
that training is the
first step. This might
be a helpful veteran
or recruiter, or it
might be the result
of a search at a library
or on the internet.

is an excellent source
of information about
the military versions
of civilian skills and
credentials. Whether
you desire to be trained
as a French horn player
or fuel technician,
this can tell you which
MOS will provide you
those skills.

Adventure is easier
to find. There are many
methods that can be
employed to maximize
adventure, but a veteran
or recruiter can present
those options. This
can be pursuit of a
combat arms MOS, airborne
training, a track to
membership in Special
Operations Forces or
even volunteering for
assignment to a combat

Sometimes there will
be a family tradition.
This might encourage
you to seek assignment
to a specific unit or
command. Depending on
the exact circumstances,
this can vary from quite
easy to essentially
impossible. Such soldiers
will probably have access
to more of the information
needed, for instance,
to deal with a family
tradition in the SF
or at a specific fort.
There are many families,
including mine, with
traditions of military
service older than the
US and a larger number
that is merely several
generations long. This
can be especially strong
in the National Guard,
where families can have
two generations in a
unit easily.

Naturally, while you
may have things you
intend to get out of
the Army, this is only
part of what you will
actually get from the
experience. You will
see heroism of several
types, camaraderie of
a type which most will
never experience, you
will endure the dreaded
hurry up and wait and
wade through enough
paperwork to bury an
elephant. You will face
and overcome challenges
and this will alter
what you think of as
a crisis when you get
back to civilian life.
When the weather gets
bad, you’ll find
yourself telling war
stories about snowstorms,
sandstorms, tornadoes
and bright sunshine.
You’ll discover
how long you can function
without sleep, what
you can eat and the
power of a leader saying
“Follow me.”
You might even be that
leader. These things
will stay with you even
if you have only done
one tour of duty before
returning to civilian
life, and the growth
you’ve experienced
will color your life
from that point on.

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